The wunderkind is a rare talent. A prodigious immersion of insatiable curiosity and desire for the expertly engineered and finely crafted.

The sophisticated rebel, relentlessly chasing perfection and served with audacious flair. WOLL awakens the wunderkind in all of us, where our kitchens and cooktops become the stage.

Each WOLL piece is an extension of our creativity – extraordinary hand-cast German engineered and designed cookware. Transforming cooks into chefs.

Martin benn

multi-award winning chef

Chef Martin Benn’s award-winning cuisine is luxuriously minimalist, with just a hint of magic. His international style is avant-garde, modernist and contemporary, with deep connections to Japanese philosophy. Referencing ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, is a focus when plating a dish. It implores minimalism and a sole expression that emphasises the importance of space around it. That less is more.

For our wunderkind, chef Martin Benn, cooking is all about the integrity of the product and mindfulness in the preparation and savouring of a meal. WOLL cookware has the same purity of design and performance of materials that makes it extraordinary. It is this choice of control and precision that make every dish a master stroke. With WOLL and chef Martin Benn, you too can be a wunderkind of the kitchen.